Visit Bragg Creek Fishing


New trails map available from The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association. Weather and scuff proof. Now available for purchase online!

The peace, the fresh air, and, ah, the fish! The Bragg Creek area is a perfect place to fish with peaceful, pristine rivers flowing down from the Rockies. But before you cast your rod there are a few things to know…

  1. You need a license – Exactly who needs a license, how many fish you can catch, and other important details are all covered in the Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations.
  2. Getting your license is a two-part process in Alberta. First you will need a Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) which you can apply for online. This is the Alberta government website for the sale of recreational hunting and fishing licenses. A WIN currently costs $8 and is valid for 5 years. As soon as you’ve applied online, you may purchase a fishing license.
    • You can now buy your fishing license online on the same site.
  3. Fishing supplies are available from the Moose Mountain General Store.