Fire Bans & FireSmart

Hot news for residents
The Bragg Creek Fire Smart Committee now has a website. You can also check out their draft mitigation strategy.

In a forested area like Bragg Creek, fire is a very serious hazard. About half of the wildfires recorded in Alberta are as a result of human activity (source: Government of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development).

Of course, these fires are 100% preventable, and it’s up to everyone who lives or visits here to be smart about fire.

Fire Bans
From time to time a fire ban is issued. These operate on several levels. For example, a Level II ban prohibits recreational camp fires but allows camp stoves and liquid fuel barbeques. For more information please see the full explanation of what each level includes and excludes on the Rockyview website.

For information about exactly where a ban is operating contact Alberta Fire Bans online or by calling 1-866-FYI-FIRE.

When visiting Alberta’s backcountry, please be safe around campfires. Remember, even a small campfire has the potential to become a wildfire.

Here are some tips to keep everyone safe:

  • Never leave your campfire unattended, even for a few minutes
  • Always make sure your campfire is out. Soak it, stir up the ashes, and soak it again
  • Always have enough water nearby to keep your campfire under control

Fire Permits
Commonly known as a Burn Permit, a Fire Permit is required for any open fire other than a campfire. For example: if you want to burn some brush that you’ve chopped down in your backyard, you must get a permit.

Fire permits are free and are issued for a specific period of time.

You can get a permit from:

  • Any Alberta Sustainable Resource Development office. For locations call 310-0000.

Albertans living outside the Forest Protection Area can contact their local municipality for information about local fire permit requirements.

FireSmart is a Government of Alberta initiative to help protect homes and communities from the threat of wildfire. Using fire-resistant materials on buildings and following simple landscaping practices are examples of FireSmart practices. Alberta’s Sustainable Resource Development has great tips and information, as well as a handy assessment for the homeowner, a manual, and videos, on maintaining a FireSmart community