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The Bragg Creek & Area Chamber of Commerceis a close-knit, vigorous group. We raise thousands of dollars per year through grants. This, plus our membership fees, goes towards producing marketing and tourism material for the area, plus improvements to the ambience of Bragg Creek. Full details about the Chamber can be found here .

The annual membership fee is a very reasonable $130 (including G.S.T.), which gives you the many benefits discussed. Membership of our Chamber also entitles you to the benefits of all Chambers of Commerce in Alberta.

How To Join
To join, simply print off and complete the membership application (below). Mail it to the address on the form, with your cheque for $130 made payable to ‘Bragg Creek & Area Chamber of Commerce’. You will then be contacted about the details you’d like on your website entry.

Our membership year runs from October to September. Pro-rated memberships are not available, however you may join at any time of the year for the full fee.

Membership application form.

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