Visit Bragg Creek Rockyview

Rocky View County

Rocky View County is the municipal district that contains Bragg Creek and much of the surrounding area. Rocky View surrounds the City of Calgary in a horseshoe-shape to the west, north and east. This is an enormous area with many differing environmental, economic, and social needs.

For residents: Local bylaws and building planning issues and permits are the areas you might want to look at.

As a Chamber of Commerce, we’ve had significant funding from Rocky View County in the past and are known to be “very well organized” and “decisive ” as a group. We continue to deepen and strengthen our links with Rocky View, seeking funding to promote our basic tenets of promoting Bragg Creek as an area for business, residents, and tourists. Ultimately, we want every member of our Chamber to benefit from our activities. We seek to draw tourists to our area, to encourage residents to shop locally and use local services, and enhance business-to-business transactions locally too.

The Rocky View County website is a mine of information, from local bylaws, to vegetable gardening workshops, to understanding our socio-economic profile, to aiding business success.