About Us

The Handle-Bar offers equipment rentals, day and multi-day guided hiking, biking, and winter adventures for all skill levels, but is geared to those who are not “extreme athletes” already. Our goal and motto is to “Make the Extreme Accessible” and share our love and approach to backcountry adventure skill and interest group-specific. That means we try to offer family-oriented adventures as well as trips for Singles or specific age groups.

We offer day and multi-day guided hiking, biking, skiing, and snow adventures for all skill levels. Our passion is providing the expert guidance, knowledge and equipment you need to safely explore new activities in Alberta’s beautiful mountain parks, whether you are a local, or visiting the Calgary, Bragg Creek, and Kananaskis area.

Located in Bragg Creek’s iconic Old West Mall, our home-base and Living Room serves as a meeting point for the Handle-Bar community. Here we share, plan and feel adventure together. We offer a selection of refreshments and snacks inspired by the German, Austrian and Swiss kitchen with a unique service concept. We are a locally owned family business with German roots and educated in Austria.


27 Balsam Avenue, Bragg Creek, AB T0L 0K0, Canada