Creekers Bistro

About Creekers Bistro

When our family first stepped on Canadian soil back in 2006 as immigrants from South Korea, we began our journey in Canada through working at various restaurants. As we served customers, we dreamed that one day, we would open a restaurant of our own; the dream was realized through Creekers Bistro.

We strive to serve fresh and delicious dishes, and we are thrilled when we receive compliments and put smiles on patrons enjoying our food. Always experimenting with different recipes, we make unique flavours that cannot be reproduced at other diners. In particular, we capitalize on our Korean heritage to mix in Korean ingredients and spices to create distinctive Korean-Canadian fusion dishes.

Located in the heart of beautiful Bragg Creek, our family-run Bistro offers a homely atmosphere surrounded by nature. Come experience our cozy service and exclusive flavours. We send our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our valued customers and we hope to welcome you through our doors soon. Thank you for choosing Creekers Bistro.


20 White Avenue, Bragg Creek, AB, Canada