Emergo Counselling Services

With hope and compassion Dr. Karen offers a multi-faceted counselling approach for individuals and couples. These therapeutic approaches range from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to working at the subconscious/unconscious levels and integrating mind/body through hypnotherapy, EMDR, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Family Constellations, Theta technique, and German New Medicine. All of these approaches are described in the Approach to Counselling section. The Emergo Counselling approach matches your unique situation to the appropriate techniques so that you can make changes, create new possibilities, decide on solutions to your problems, and then emerge and go get into action (Emerge….GO…get into action).

Prior to being a counselling psychologist she worked in the complimentary field of organizational psychology as a human resources manager in large organizations. She has experience in employee selection, employee relations, training, team building, program evaluation, job evaluation, career planning, and advising on work and family problems. This broad range of experience provides a thorough understanding of business which enhances helping you with work related issues so that you can find ways to lead a healthier physical and emotional life.

In 1993, due to the sudden death of a family member, she began to learn about spirituality and working at the energetic level. Initially she became a Reiki Master. Along with Reiki she has now been trained in Qi Gong Levels I to III from Dr. Steven Aung, Edmonton; Tai Chi, Christa Healing Method from Adriene Wentworth, Colorado, six years of Family Constellation training from Bert Hellinger, Mark Wolynn, Francesca Mason Boring, Sneh Victoria Schnebel, and Bill Manle. In addition she has taken numerous weekend courses that contribute to a deepening understanding of being a spiritual person who accepts all people as equal and accepts all religions as choices people make to help themselves connect with a Divine Source.

Stop struggling and suffering with upsetting emotions, call for help– now. When your house is on fire you call the Fire Department. When you are emotionally overwhelmed, call Dr. Karen at Emergo Counselling Services for the support and solutions you need.

Counselling for Individuals, Teens, & Couples

Whether you are in a troubled relationship or are a stressed-out individual or teen– don’t wait, it gets harder to put out the fire. Gottman research, for example, shows that couples wait on average 7 years before calling for help.

Get the support and solutions you need at Emergo Counselling Services. Emergo Counselling helps you gain awareness and identify choices. You can then make positive changes and gain confidence in your ability to handle new difficulties. Through compassion, you emerge into action.

Like most therapists, Dr. Karen uses the traditional therapy approaches. In addition, she offers a range of unique approaches to help you resolve emotional problems. Within the therapy community it is common knowledge that we all have the answers to life’s challenges within us. We just need assistance in finding ways to discover these answers.

Dr. Karen brings to every therapy session a dedication and integrity that is driven by a desire to help you change and heal. And, the healing is done as quickly as possible so that you can learn to make better choices and have a healthier life style. If you have stress or relationship problems due to upsetting situations or due to traumas such as abuse, bullying, vehicle accidents, she specializes in this area through use of EMDR and clinical hypnosis. Dr. Karen is one of a few registered psychologists in the Calgary area who has the higher EMDR designation of “Certified therapist in EMDR. “


Redwood Meadows, AB, Canada