KAT Automotive

What Makes Our Services Superior

Excellent Customer Service

KAT Automotive was established as a family venture, hence the name!

Experienced Mechanic

Kevin is of one of the highest educated mechanics in the area, with 29.5 years experience working in the Automotive repair industry.  Kevin started his experience working in independent shops in 1992, eventually moving on to a Dealership where he very quickly educated himself to achieving his Master Technician status at a Ford Dealership.  Thru his years & experience in industry Kevin became well versed in dealing with Gas, Hybrid and Diesel powered vehicle repairs of all different makes and models. In 2012 Kevin made the move from Working in Industry as a Mechanic to Working in Education, where he worked as an Instructor AT SAIT ( Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) Specializing in Instructing the 4TH Term (Year) of the  Apprentice Automotive Service Technician Program.  We know that our customers work hard for their money and so we strive to keep our customers updated and involved in their vehicles repairs, we do this by ensuring that we communicate what repairs are eminent and mandatory due to safety, and what repairs can be budgeted for and completed at a later date.   Before we begin work on any vehicle, we have comprehensive consultations with our customers to ensure they have an understanding of the job and costs at hand.


KAT Automotive Specializes in Diesel, Gas and Hybrid Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance.
This includes but is not limited to the following;
​- Automatic Transmission                                                                                                                           – Engine Repair
– Tires Sales, Balance & Repair, Wheel Alignments                                                                  – Manual Transmissions
– Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance                                                                                        – Electrical Diagnosis and Repairs
– Steering & Suspension Repair & Maintenance                                                                           – Exhaust
– Brakes Front & Rear                                                                                                                                   – We also work on Trailers


Leisure Lake Drive, Foothills County, AB, Canada