Bulk up and gear up for the best winter trend in cycling

Pick up a Bragg Creek Trail Map – highlighting all the official ski, snowshoe, hiking, biking and equestrian trails from Bragg Creek to Moose Mountain with detailed trail descriptions. Durable & waterproof. 

Crush the trails

“Fat” biking means cycling fun year-round for those that can never get enough of riding. The term “fat” refers to the off-road, oversized tires designed to tackle snow, sand, mud and soft terrain. The bike’s frame is sturdy with wide forks to accommodate the larger tires and rugged terrain.



Bragg Creek loves this new trend. Our volunteers spend over a hundred hours each season treadsetting 40 kilometres of trail to ensure winter riding is as clean and maintained as it is messy and exhilarating.

Already an avid cruiser?

Come on down and find out why Bragg Creek is one of the province’s most popular fat biking locations.